Head of Department Message

Dear Students,

The department of Textile Engineering has started to admit undergraduate students since 2005 and the first students graduated from the department in 2009. The M.Sc. Program has started to admit graduate students for two years and the PhD Program has admitted its first students. Today, the department has 4 Professor, 6 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professors, 1 PhD Research Assistant  and 4 Research Assistants. 

Our technological infrastructure is improving day by day. We have 12 textile laboratories and 1 workshop at students’ disposal. New textile design programs have contributed the students’ qualifications. In addition, a new  online library has been set up in the department. As a result of these improvements we graduate well-qulified textile engineers.

Our department will continue to be the leader in the fields of textile sciences and technologies with high level undergraduate and post graduate programs by making new scientific researches and sharing them with human being.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Kadir BİLİSİK

Head of Textile Engineering Department